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    Very simple work from home opportunity. Promoting Organic Products on Social Media. Coffee, Detox Products, Weight Management Systems and soon Skincare.

    Using primarily Facebook, we will give you all the training, constant support and full product training.

    Our company offers the highest paid comp plan in the industry , with typical mark-up on products exceeding 100%. The role is a mix of social selling and team building with almost unlimited earning potential. We have created 7 six figure earners in under 12 months.

    All you need is determination, drive, access to social media and a willingness to learn.

    To start - you simply order your first stock for £125 - sell it all online (most do this within a week) Your return is £270 with a profit of £145.

    We have opportunity calls running constantly, so if you want to find out more, drop me a message or give me a call , would love to explain it in more detail.

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